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Best Water RO Filtration FAQ & Facts

"Thanks to the pool filtration system your company provides, we were able to rid our pool water of high levels of cyanuric acid and restore the water to the correct chemical balance. We have a vinyl pool and the advice we received from pool 'experts'  was to drain it, which is very difficult to do with a vinyl pool.  SaveWater was the perfect solution for our pool and we didn’t waste much of the water in the process. Thank you for a professional job and our pool feels new again!"
- Chris and M'Liss, Lakeside CA

Common Reasons to Drain a Pool

  1. Total Dissolved Solids ("TDS") are too high—water is unable to hold safe chlorine levels.
  2. Calcium levels are too high, increasing white build-up, or "scaling," on your pool's tile.
  3. Salt levels are too high, stopping chlorine production in salt generators.
  4. Cyanuric Acid ("conditioner") level is too high, jeopardizing the effectiveness of chlorine and sanitation in your pool.
  5. Phosphates are too high, limiting chlorine production in salt generators and acting as fertilizer for algae growth.
  6. Minor repairs to surface of pool.
  7. The result of high levels of calcium build-up causing scaling," and high "conditioner" causing purple staining.

Frequently Asked Questions

My pool water looks clear.  What is keeping it from being properly sanitized??
Chemicals and minerals build up in pool water over time, coming from the direct water source, plaster material, and sanitizing chemicals added throughout the years. Either way, these minerals and chemicals jeopardize the effectiveness of your sanitation process by limiting the effectiveness of chlorine.

Will I need to do anything during the SaveWater filtration process??
No. You provide access to your pool and we take care of it all. Our professional certified technicians will bring all the necessary equipment to effectively process and clean your pool water.

Will this process clear up my algae-green pool??
If your pool has algae, then there will be some additional steps necessary to complete the process. But you will still NOT have to drain your pool.

What if my pool needs surface or drain cover repairs??
If you need underwater repairs, call The Pool Dentist at 858-922-2475 for a quote to have your repairs made by an underwater specialist, so you will still NOT have to drain your pool.

Do you have a question??
Our professional team will help you further understand the SaveWater process. 

Call at (619) 328-9099 with your questions.  We look forward to helping you with your swimming pool needs.

SaveWater FACTS:

  • SAVES WATER – our planet's most precious resource.
  • SAVES up to 75% of pool water from being dumped down the drain as with traditional draining methods.
  • SAVES upwards of 13,500 gallons from being wasted in a typical residential pool (18,000 gallons).
  • With about 80,000 pools in San Diego, theSaveWater process could save BILLIONS of gallons of water from going down the drain!
  • Eliminates the hazards of removing water from your pool structure, which exposes the plaster to harsh sun and weather, and also risks the danger of the shell "popping" out of the ground.
  • Drastically lowers levels of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), calcium, cyanuric acid (conditioner), phosphates, and salt from pool water.
  • Reduces the amount of chlorine needed to maintain proper water sanitation levels.
  • Restores water quality to a state better than tap water.
  • Improves the feel of pool water making it fee softer and smoother.
  • Avoids the collapse of a vinyl-lined or above-ground pool when water is removed.

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