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No-Drain Pool Filtration

Pool Protection

When all of the water is removed from your pool, it may cause the pool structure to raise out of the ground, a condition often times caused by hydrostatic pressure (i.e., too much moisture in the soil). Once exposed to the air, tile may fall off the pool, the plaster can shrink, expand, crack, blister, flake or pop off, etc. In fact, the dangers are so great that most insurance companies require a waiver be signed by the pool owner prior to draining to protect the pool technician from the liabilities associated with your empty pool.

Lifted Pool  The most costly damage can be that the entire pool shell can be lifted, or "popped," several feet above ground.  Repairing a lifted pool can easily cost $10,000 or more to repair, IF IT CAN EVEN BE REPAIRED without a complete demolition and re-build.

Plaster De-lamination  Removing water-weight from the pool and exposing it to the sun can cause egg-shell like cracks in plaster, which would result in re-surfacing the entire pool to repair the damage.

Calcium Build-up Causes "Scaling" and Staining
Your pool water will build-up calcium leaving unsightly white residue which stains (or scale) your pool’s water line. While there are many companies that will remove these stains, the SaveWater process should be used as regular maintenance to keep scaling from occurring in the first place. We will renew your pool water to normal calcium levels leaving your pool crisp and clean.

Insurance for Your Pool
The SaveWater process is like an insurance policy protecting you from costly damage resulting from draining your pool.  Why spend thousands of dollars to repair a drain-damaged pool, when SaveWater can protect your investment?

Why Reheat Your Pool ... Renew It Instead
The SaveWater process will accomplish the same result without draining, so why spend the money to re-heat your warm pool water when SaveWater can renew it instead?

Features and benefits

  • Pool Water Is Better Protected From Bacteria
  • Pool Is Not Damaged 
  • Water Is Not Wasted 
  • Always Swim Ready 
  • Saves On Chemical & Energy Costs
  • San Diego's Best Water Cleaning Systems Company

Renew and Refresh Your Swimming Pools Water Without Draining

Ensure your family is splashing around in clean, clear water by turning to SaveWater Mobile Pool Filtration in San Diego, California. Our SaveWater process helps remove harmful minerals, so your little ones can enjoy the summer in a pool that is properly sanitized for their safety, and feels refreshing! Each pool is different, and our services generally take 8 to 10 hours.

SaveWater Mobile Filtration's Simple ProcessExpert Pool Technician

STEP 1   Our technicians will come to your home or business for a FREE CONSULTATION to evaluate your pool's water chemistry.  We provide a thorough analysis and report on your pool water chemistry.  We will then propose solutions for your particular water chemistry problem situation.

STEP 2   We bring our self-contained, mobile filtration unit to your property, and use our own equipment (hoses, pumps, and electricity) to pump old pool water into our reverse osmosis ("RO") filtration system, removing harmful minerals and chemicals, and then return the water to your pool. Think of it as a very large dialysis machine made specially to renew your pool water.  During the process, your pool's water level will remain at the same safe level, and never lower.  On most pools this process will only take one day to cMobile Pool Filtrationomplete.

STEP 3   Once the filtration process is complete, our expert technicians will adjust your pool water chemistry to safe sanitary levels, and will even add salt to it if you have a salt chlorine generator system. The final product leaves you with refreshed, clean pool water, and your pool is ready to swim in that same evening!
SaveWater Mobile Pool Filtration