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Help Save BILLIONS of Gallons of Water from Going Down the Drain

Water conversation programs focus on conserving water by repairing household leaks, and water-wise landscaping. But what about your swimming pool?

One of the biggest culprits of water waste is the draining of swimming pools required to maintain proper water chemistry. With nearly 80,000 pools in San Diego County, draining them all will result in the loss of over one billion gallons of water. Our SaveWater system could potentially SAVE 980 MILLION GALLONS OF WATER from being wasted in San Diego alone, because our mobile filtration system saves up to 75% of the pools water from being drained.

Another environmental concern is in draining pool water into our storm drains. This puts an enormous amount of chemicals/minerals into our rivers and oceans -- which is unnatural and, ultimately, unhealthy to those environments.

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   There is an immediate need to conserve water in California. Let it start with you.