What was the initial idea behind SaveWater?
Our water purification company was created as the best eco-friendly alternative to draining mineral-heavy pools without the waste of precious water.

How much does the SaveWater process cost?
Please call us at (619) 328-9099 or contact us here for a free quote.

Why are pools typically drained?
Over time, pool water accumulates minerals such as calcium and salt, and even stabilizers in the water, which when too high, will make chlorine ineffective in fighting bacteria.  These minerals and conditioners must be removed from the water to make it safe for swimming.  See Commons Reasons to Drain for more information. 

In what ways is SaveWater eco-friendly?
Pools are typically drained directly into storm drains, dumping an enormous amount of chemicals and minerals into our rivers and oceans. This process is both unnatural and unhealthy to those environments.

How long does it take?
Each pool is different, our services generally take 8 to 10 hours. Contact us for more information.

    My pool water looks clear.  What is keeping it from being properly sanitized??
    Chemicals and minerals build up in pool water over time, coming from the direct water source, plaster material, and sanitizing chemicals added throughout the years. Either way, these minerals and chemicals jeopardize the effectiveness of your sanitation process by limiting the effectiveness of chlorine.

    Will I need to do anything during the SaveWater filtration process??
    No. You provide access to your pool and we take care of it all. We will bring all the necessary equipment to effectively process and clean your pool water.

    Will this process clear up my algae-green pool??
    If your pool has algae, then there will be some additional steps necessary to complete the process. But you will still NOT have to drain your pool.

    More questions?
    Call us at (619) 328-9099.
    We look forward to helping you with your swimming pool needs.