The Process

SaveWater Mobile Filtration's Simple Process

Each pool is different however our services generally take 8 to 10 hours.

STEP 1  We will come to your pool for a FREE CONSULTATION and provide you with a thorough analysis of your water chemistry followed by a proposed course of action.

STEP 2   We'll bring our self-contained, mobile filtration unit to your property and use our own equipment (hoses, pumps, and electricity) to pump old pool water into our reverse osmosis ("RO") filtration system, removing harmful minerals and chemicals, and then return the filtered, clean water to your pool. Think of it as a very large dialysis machine made specially to renew your pool water.  During the process, your pool's water level will stay at a safe level.

STEP 3   Once the filtration process is complete, we will coordinate with your pool service to ensure the water chemistry is back to safe, sanitary levels or provide you with the pool water chemistry to take to your local pool store.

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